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After waiting a staggeringly long time, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ first major update is now live. Yup, after 218 days (the longest stretch between an expansion launch and its x.1 patch in WoW history), Chains of Domination is finally here.

That means there’s actually a whole new swathe of things to do in the Shadowlands again—including a whole new zone to explore, more Covenant levels to grind, and (starting next week) a new raid, mega-dungeon, and seasonal update for Mythic+ dungeons and PvP. 

I’ve been hesitant to get my hopes up over update 9.1, but I’m actually pretty excited to jump back into the Shadowlands again. There’s dozens of significant changes that address a lot of the complaints players had with Shadowlands’ endgame, including a sizable overhaul of Torghast, the new roguelike dungeon that was added back in November. Torghast no longer imposes a limit on how many times you can die before failing a run but instead awards a score based on how efficient your run is, and it also has all new wings and secret levels that can lead to some nifty cosmetic rewards.

In addition to that, players can now fly in the Shadowlands’ four main leveling areas and use their non-flying mounts in The Maw, which also has had a facelift and is now much less imposing and threatening.

By Steven Messner on pcgamer

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