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Hey everyone….guess who’s joining our Lugiámi’s talent as one of our streamers!

Four years after her first official e-sports gig, Malaysian gamer Natasha Hidayah Hashim is still experiencing misogyny in the online gaming industry. Better known as Tashbunny in the gaming community, Natasha has been a familiar face on live streaming platform Twitch in the past three years. Fans tune into her live streams four days a week. 

With the mission to be one of the best gaming streamer in the world, as well as being a women representation to make the change for women in eSports – TashBunny joined our family with the hope to build up the international community together.

“Don’t feel ashamed or scared to do it. Don’t feel pressured to quit your job and throw away everything just to pursue this. As long as you are actively sharing your work and content, you will be growing no matter what,”

Welcome once again!

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