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Even though they are largely overshadowed by their male counterparts, female gamers still draw huge audiences on YouTube.  In reality, some of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube are hosted by female gamers.

In addition, women may not earn as much as the most popular male gamers trough this video sharing platform, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t successful female gamers out there who earn their living by playing the games they love. 

So here it is, an article special solely to women who love to play video games. Let’s take a look at who the most famous gaming girls are.

1. iHasCupquake

Tiffany Garcia aka iHasCupquake has been around for quite a while. She began posting videos in 2010, and her videos have received over 2 billion views since then. This charming American began her career with a series of League of Legends and World of Warcraft videos, but after moving to Minecraft, she became a YouTube sensation. 

Her modded series called ‘Oasis’ which contained over a hundred videos was a major success Today, Tiffany’s channel has 6.3 million subscribers and she holds the record for most video views by a female game broadcaster on YouTube.

2. SSSniperWolf

Liverpool, England is home to one of the most famous female gamers. Lia is her first name, and she’s been a member of YouTube’s gaming community since 2013. She also uploads videos and vlogs that cover different non-gaming related topics to her channel on a daily basis.

Lia enjoys playing Call of Duty, as shown by the contents of her channel’s homepage, but the long list of games she covered in her videos cover includes Overwatch, Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto. On May 19. 2018 SSSniperWolf channel has reached 9 million subscribers.


Another Brit on the list, whose extraordinary story has inspired numerous gamers to launch their own YouTube channels. Lizzy established a channel in an attempt to perfect her Call of Duty skills, and her first video was just 12 seconds long. But then she found Minecraft and became fascinated with the game’s endless possibilities.

Soon enough, she had an entire team of gamers who helped her develop her own games within the Minecraft universe and create epic battles that attracted millions of viewers. Lizy’s LDShadowLady channel has 3.9 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion cumulative views, demonstrating her celebrity.

4. KittyKatGaming

Suzanne ‘Suzy’ Berhow is a well-known YouTube personality who runs three channels. She is best known for being a member of the Game Grumps crew; she is married to Arin Henson, one of the show’s hosts.  Before becoming a star on YouTube, Suzy was a model, and one of her channels called Motrem3r is dedicated to makeup tutorials and fashion.

She primarily uses her KittyKatGaming channel to post LetsPlay videos that cover a wide range of video games, regardless of the genre. Suzy’s gaming channel has just 350.000 subscribers, but she is still regarded as one of YouTube’s most popular female gamers.


The stacyplays channel was established in 2013 by a Minecraft enthusiast who became well-known for her overly enthusiastic commentary style. Stacy Hinojosa is a beloved YouTube figure who frequently refers to her fans as ‘Potato Flakes’ and she often includes fanart in her series called Dogcraft.

She posts a new video every other day and as expected, the majority of them are Minecraft themed. She occasionally ventures into vlogging, although her stacyvlogs channel receives significantly less attention than her gaming channel that has 1.3 million subscribers. Stacy is a consultant for the Epic Reads channel and enjoys working with other gamers on YouTube.


These women belong to the very top of YouTube’s gaming community and they deserve the same amount of attention as their male colleagues. Many of the female gamers in this article make videos that are entertaining to watch and provide a never-ending source of entertainment. 

On this list, who is your favorite female gamer? Is there someone we’ve forgotten to mention? Please let us know in the comments section.

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