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A new game has received the highest Metacritic review score to date for the PS5, beating out everything that came before.

Metacritic is a great tool for seeing the aggregate review score for just about any piece of media. According to the website, the PlayStation 5 now has a new highest-rated game of all time.

After being ported to the console earlier this month, Hades sits at the top of all other PS5 games on the website with a score of 93 from critics. This comes as little surprise as the rogue-like received plenty of Game of the Year nominations and awards last year when it was officially released on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

The PS5 version of Hades doesn’t currently have any mixed or negative reviews from critics cited on Metacritic and, in a testament to the game’s quality, sits higher at a 94 for the recently released Xbox Series X version. The PS5 version’s User Score is a little bit lower than the Critic Score at 8.5, however, other console versions of the game have User Scores around the 9.0 range.

Hades dethroned the PlayStation 5’s previous highest-scored game, Demon’s Souls,by just one point. Both games are listed as Metacritic “Must-Play’s” for the system along with the only other “Must-Play” for the PS5: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

In terms of 2021 releases, Hades is still at the top beating out titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake IntergradeRatchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and the newly released Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. With just under four months left in the year, it’s still possible that an upcoming PlayStation 5 title could be reviewed even higher on Metacritic.

Possible contenders that might be able to get a higher Critic Score are games like DeathloopLife is Strange: True Colors, and the PS5 version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Another possibility is that another indie game, similar to Hades, might come out of seemingly nowhere and surprise audiences with its high quality. There have already been a handful of titles like that this year like Chicory: A Colorful Tale, although nothing yet has seen the success that Hades saw last year.

With the PlayStation 5 still so early in its lifespan, there’s still room in the future for titles to keep getting better. Looking back at the PS4’s highest scored games on Metacritic, titles like Red Dead Redemption 2Grand Theft Auto 5, and Persona 5 Royal all surpassed Hades’ score, although not by much. With a 93, however, it’s likely that Hades will remain close to the top of the PlayStation 5’s best-reviewed titles for the foreseeable future.

By Peter Hunt Szpytek on GameRant

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