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The mystery behind one of Sega’s Tokyo Game Show projects is a mobile JRPG, and it has already been hit with a lot of negative feedback.

2021 is seeing a resurgence of gaming industry events, such as Gamescom and E3, where the ongoing pandemic has forced these big scale events to be either digital only, or a scaled-back production. The next big gaming event is the upcoming Tokyo Game Show later this month, with some of the companies involved being Capcom, Square Enix, as well as Sega. A new RPG title from Sega is going to be revealed at this year’s event, but that hasn’t stopped the company from uploading a trailer on what to expect.

Recently, Sega said a new RPG game will be revealed at TGS, though there wasn’t much information to go off regarding that announcement. There was some speculation regarding what kind of game could be announced, such as a Sakura Wars sequel, based on the fact that a logo celebrating the 25th anniversary was featured. However, based on the information shown off in the teaser trailer and website, it is looking to be a brand-new IP from Sega, for a new mobile game.

From what has been shown in this trailer, it’s a brand new JRPG game and IP, with classic tropes and aesthetics that many have come to expect from the genre. While no core gameplay had been shown, there was an emphasis on the player choosing their own path and story, possibly having multiple endings. The trailer also shows off some stills of some presumed cutscenes from the game, though without any context. The trailer ends with the announcement of further information on the game being revealed on October 1st at TGS.

The website shows off the teaser trailer, along with a countdown towards the scheduled date at Tokyo Game Show. The announcement of this hyped up title being another mobile game has been met with incredibly negative reception, leaving Sega fans rather disappointed. The main ire drawn towards this new RPG was that it was getting a spotlight that to the fans, it didn’t deserve.

Mobile games have a negative connatation towards them, with this one being no exception, as evidenced by responses to the tweet, the comments on the trailer, as well as the dislikes bar itself. Many expressed their disappointment that this game’s premise will most likely be funnelled into a gacha model to exploit its customers. Not all of Sega’s showtime will be dedicated to this project however, as the company’s TGS showcase will be shared with Atlus too. While this game is the RPG project that Sega is revealing, there’s a possibility that other Atlus projects can also be shown off.

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