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As per Ubisoft’s Sixth Guardian program, Thunderbird’s new skin is raising money toward Indspire, a charity that helps Indigenous students.

Ubisoft launched a program for Rainbow Six Siege recently where new bundles would be added to raise money for a host of different charities. It started with operator Doc where all the proceeds were given to AbleGamers, then it continued with Valkyrie for Stack Up, a mental health organization for those in the military. The third addition is for Thunderbird, raising funds for Indspire.

Indspire is a charity that “invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada.” The charity’s website continues, “Indspire educates, connects, and invests in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people so they will achieve their highest potential.”

Thunderbird’s Sixth Guardian set arrives in Rainbow Six Siege today, and it adds unique headgear, uniform, a charm, and a weapon skin. It costs $6 but all of the money will be going to Indspire. “Their North Star (see what we did there) goal is to see every Indigenous student in Canada graduate school within a generation,” Ubisoft stated on its blog.

“With the support of their funding partners, they disburse financial awards, deliver programs, and share resources with the goal of increasing graduation rates for Indigenous students,” Ubisoft added. “We felt this was a perfect organization to partner with on a Thunderbird-themed bundle, and we’re honored to be working together on this.”

As stated on the blog, Ubisoft has managed to raise over $200,000 for charity so far through the Sixth Guardian program. That’s with only two cosmetics released in the past year.

However, the bundles are limited time offers so you can only pick up Thunderbird’s charitable getup during Year 6 Season 3, so be sure to grab it if you want to donate to Indspire and get yourself some swanky new swag to commemorate.

If you don’t play Siege or if you just want to donate directly, then you can do so here.

By James Troughton on TheGamer

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