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Lugiami Entertainment
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April 22, 2020


All-female esports organisation Lugiami partners with Bountie to elevate women in gaming space

Singapore – All-female eSports organisation and collective, Lugiami Entertainment, today announced a partnership with Bountie, in a first-ever deal set to exclusively benefit women in the gaming space in Southeast Asia. 

Lugiami, who announced their entry into the dynamic eSports space in February 2021, after completing a successful round of fundraising, has a core focus to empower and elevate girls and women from all walks of life, with the goal to be the most cohesive eSports team in Asia and beyond. 

Both Lugiami and Bountie will kick off their partnership by hosting community tournaments in May 2021, beginning with the Southeast Asian Women’s Cup. This tournament will see female gamers competing online using Bountie’s platform, to win attractive prizes including PS5 consoles, merchandise, and cash from its prize pool.

In addition, Lugiami’s Community members – including their players and customers – will also enjoy special perks and discounts at Bountie Arena by showing their Lugiami merchandise or streams. 

Left : Bountie Co-Founder Desmond Tan and Right : Lugiami Co-Founder Ash Hashim

The Co-Founder of Lugiami, Ash Hashim, said : “We are honoured to partner with an inspiring organisation like Bountie, who have gamers’ interests at the heart of what they do. Similarly, Lugiami is a community for female players to connect, feel supported, and empowered when they compete online, which Bountie provides in their range of exciting services.”

The Co-Founder of Bountie, Desmond Tan, said : “Women are severely underrepresented in the professional scene of gaming and this has been a pervasive issue. We believe that the partnership with Lugiami will be a significant small step towards making a difference in the lives of these female gamers. We earnestly look forward to balancing the landscape together with Lugiami. GGWP – Girl Gamer, Well Played!”

Bountie is a Singapore registered esports platform company with proprietary technology in hosting and curating tournaments. As Southeast Asia’s leading tournament platform, Bountie wants to drastically reduce the logistics and time taken to organize eSports tournaments. By reducing the workload of the tournament organisers. Bountie hopes to create a thriving ecosystem with a readily available supply of tournaments, allowing gamers to increase their participation rates, earn prizes and rewards, connect with brand partners, and ultimately build their gamers’ profile.

Bountie also operates Singapore’s premiere and largest eSports and gaming lifestyle facility, Bountie Arena, a 6,600 square foot venue in one-North with world-class facilities including its crown jewel – a 13 meter-wide, high-resolution LED display panel running at 144 hertz and stage area optimised for esports tournaments and events.

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