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Global celebrity engagement marketplace Shoutout International has announced an exclusive key sponsorship with Lugiámi. The deal encompasses all Lugiámi players and teams, in both cash & product sponsorship up to USD$150k for the 2-year sponsorship contract.

Shoutout will work with Lugiámi to open a new training facility in different part of Asia, as well as helping to get international exposures from celebrities to help with Lugiámi’s brand exposure across the region.

“We’re interested in helping Lugiámi to develop their notion of building a better esports ecosystem for female gamers, and we are proud to be a part of Lugiámi’s partner with such great passion and vision.” said David Yap, investor and shareholder at Shoutout International.”Together we are confident to build a better infrastructure that will really contribute to gender equality”

This is not the only sponsorship done by Shoutout International, whereby they sponsored Damansara eSports – one of the best PUBG mobile teams in Malaysia in the year 2020. Lugiámi operates teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea & Spain, giving Shoutout an esports presence in a few major esports regions. The team is looking to expand their reach out to 5 more countries in the next 3 months.

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