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Lugiámi Gaming, an all-female global eSports team and community, announced their official launch into the exciting gaming space today.  

The startup successfully raised a six-figure sum from angel investors, and has also attracted interest from other parties.

Lugiámi Gaming aims to revolutionize female gamers from around the world, with a goal to be the most cohesive and empowering women eSports community in Asia and globally.

Lugiámi provides a safe and powerful space for women to play the games they love, be at their best, and link up with the best resources globally. The vibe is to go onwards and onwards, and we want to help to foster a healthy attitude towards women in gaming and eSports across Asia, said co-founder Ash Hashim, who previously founded Futbolita. 

Lugiámi we also adopt an anti-bullying and anti-negativity stance towards all gamers and athletes, and we are grateful for the support from all our partners and sponsors,” she added.

Lugiámi‘s core focus includes developing, training, and empowering female eSports athletes across Asia, while providing a lifestyle of gaming safely online in a supportive community. In addition, the organisation has secured the services of top streamers, opinion leaders, and ambassadors in the women sports and gaming industry to join their movement. 

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