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After the release of a new cinematic trailer for Season 4 of Fall Guys, the game confirms that Among Us skins will be coming in the new season.

In 2020, two very different games dominated the video game landscape throughout the later half of the year. In the summer, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys brought gamers a whole new spin on the battle royale genre, introducing it as an obstacle course-styled platformer, while InnerSloth LLC’s Among Us brought fans an addictive social deduction game in fall of 2020, despite the game releasing two years prior.

While both games have recently seen a dwindle in popularity, as is expected of most popular video games in such a saturated market, each game has come with multiple changes and updates, and developers have continued to build strong relationships with their fans, and now, seemingly each other. Bearing an all new futuristic theme, Fall Guys is coming up on its 4th season, and the game has just teased a crossover with Among Us.

Over the course of its first 3 seasons, the battle royale platformer has introduced fans to a variety of different costumes/skins, introducing both original concepts and crossovers with franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog and Godzilla. However, at the end of the new Season 4 cinematic trailer, fans can spot a Fall Guy donning a red Among Us spacesuit costume along with one of the game’s signature fried egg hats.

During a brief scene, an Among Us-themed Fall Guy is shown falling into a pit of lava, along with the text, “Fall Guy was ejected. 1 Imposter remains,” which will be a familiar phrase to any Among Us players. While a crossover between two of 2020’s most popular games is certainly exciting, it seems that there may be much more in store for fans than initially expected. Mediatonic has said that there will be multiple Among Us-themed skins, each with their own quirks and attributes, adding that the skins will have “something unique” to offer. The red Among Us skin will be part of the game’s Fame Path, or battle pass, as opposed to being purchased with Crowns from the in-game store.

Players will be able to unlock the bottom-half of the red Among Us skin at rank 21 of the Fame Path, and the top-half at rank 26. Mediatonic has also teased that the imposter text shown at the end of the Season 4 trailer could be more than just an easter egg. This has led fans to speculate whether this crossover could run much deeper in Fall Guys, possibly even seeing players complete tasks during the game like in Among Us.

All of this information comes just one week ahead of Fall Guys‘ official Season 4 launch date. Of course, fans will have a lot more to look forward to in the upcoming season, including new monster and neon-themed skins, a whopping 7 new levels, new obstacles, and more.

Fall Guys is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, with Switch and Xbox One versions slated to launch in Summer of 2021.

Article by : NOAH VACA from Gamerant

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