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Special Promos and Exclusive Giveaways for a limited time

22nd June 2021: Get ready to embark on another exciting journey with Lugiami! Lugiami is an Esports organization focusing on creating a positive environment and elevating women in the gaming space.

Ash Hashim, Co-Founder of Lugiami hopes to empower the world’s female gamers, creating a supportive and safe environment for them, and providing more resources to help them be their best.
Lugiami, who announced their entry into the dynamic Esports space in February 2021, after completing a successful round of fundraising, aims to empower and elevate women from all walks of life, with the goal to be the most cohesive Esports team globally. The female-driven gaming organization is working hard behind the scenes in anticipation of its next community programme, aptly named Lugiami Guild.

Lugiami Guild is a platform for members to be valued and to improve themselves. Being part of a supportive community, members get opportunities to participate in tournaments and resources to enhance their personal development. Members get to enhance their lifestyle with just one click away at and the best part of the deal is that you get paid while gaming!

The Co-Founder of Lugiami, Ash Hashim, said: “We are honored to introduce Lugiami Guild to the world. Lugiami have gamers’ interests at heart and we are a community for female players to connect, feel supported, and empowered with one of the best available products in the professional scene of gaming. We believe Lugiami Guild will be a significant small step towards making a difference in the lives of female gamers. The overall gaming business worldwide is a growing industry and we need to be in the forefront of things.”

In a new report, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) estimates that the full value of the gaming industry now exceeds US$300 billion, more than the combined markets for movies and music. The growth is driven by an increase in mobile gaming and an emphasis on social interaction bduring the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gaming industry has increased by half a billion players in the past three years, totaling 2.7 billion people globally. The report predicts more than 400 million new gamers are expected by the end of 2023. The profiles of these new joiners are also changing: 60% are women, 30% are under 25 years old and one-third identify as non-white. Whereas respondents who identified as long time gamers are 61% male, 79% over 25 years old, and
76% identifying as white.

“Changing demographics are pushing gaming operators to offer more innovative gaming products and this is just the beginning for us,” Ash Hashim said. She said the Lugiami Guild community programme is open to everyone including aspiring professional gamers, streamers, players, talents, and anyone with a passion for the gaming world.

Slated to launch officially on July 21, 2021, Lugiami is currently offering special pre-launch promotions, perks, and giveaways with plenty of electronic prizes such as PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and much more.

More exciting announcements and surprises will be coming up. Remember to follow Lugiami on Facebook and Instagram so you do not miss out on these offers! Gather your guildsmen and women, register today, and start earning with Lugiami Guild!

About Lugiami Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.

Lugiami’s vision has always been to create an all-inclusive environment for their #GamerQueens, supporting and empowering female gamers in the community while being focused on creating visibility and opportunities for women in the esports industry. focused on creating visibility and opportunities for women in the esports industry.
Our Vision: Lugiami gaming’s goal is to be the most cohesive and empowering women’s Esports team in Asia and beyond. Our Mission: To develop, train, and empower female Esports athletes across Asia.

For more information about Lugiami, please visit us at

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