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More Capcom games could be coming to PC.

It seems Capcom has reconsidered its approach to PC gaming after the overwhelming success of Monster Hunter: World. The company now wants to equalize the share of console and PC game sales throughout 2022-2023 and even make PC the primary platform for its games.

The company’s new direction was revealed at this week’s Tokyo Game Show by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, president and chief operating officer of Capcom Publishing. According to Tsujimoto, the company aims to prioritize PC as a platform for its future releases, gradually balancing out the share of sales between PC and consoles to a 50:50 ratio. The publisher expects PC demand for its games to exceed console demand eventually as the overall market for PC gaming is increasing.

Back in August, Capcom representatives said the traditional gap between console game sales and PC sales is getting smaller, but it’s unclear how close the publisher actually is to its initial goal. The company is devoted to maximizing its user base and feels that PC is an important channel for doing so. With any luck, greater focus means more old ports making their way to the platform.

Judging by the company’s financial reports, the PC segment is performing really well as compared to other platforms. For example, PC turned out to be the second most popular platform for Monster Hunter: World — one of the most successful launches for the company in years. After that, Capcom began to release plenty of its flagship games on PC, often simultaneously, with spectacular results.

A recent example is Resident Evil Village, which came out on PC the same day as its console counterparts. The game sold 4.5 million copies across all platforms as of their latest financial report in June. With that in mind, Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to PC via Steam on January 12. A free public demo for the title will be available starting October 13.

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